Talking to my friend about how hard it is to fancy perfect gay men.

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when i describe middle aged men im usually like “omg hes like 40”

but like gavin creel is two years away from 40





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I knew meeting Gavin Creel would be bad for me. I always thought he seemed like a nice person and looked kinda cute but now I’ve met him in the flesh I’m starting to crush on him really bad.
Why do all the best people have to be gay.

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This fucking song is so inspirational and i love Gavin so much for writing this.

Gavin Creel should be President and this should be the national anthem. 

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The Book of Mormon-West End. 23/4/14

Ok, so this was my 3rd time seeing the show, and my first time seeing Gavin Creel as Elder Price. (If you don’t already know, i was going to see Gavin last October but Ashley Day was on instead and then Ashley captured my heart and soul and blew me away so i went back to see him again in January and then went back to try for the lottery in February but failed miserably then went to chat with Ashley at stage door, which brings us to the present day)

(Yay, it’s Ashley!) 



The show was AMAZING! Gavin was totally worth the 6 month wait as he was just phenomenal as Price! He really understands the role and really switches it up and makes it his own to make it more pleasing for the audience. All he would have to do is say a line ‘slightly different or put a pause in somewhere or just change the intonation of his voice and it would make the scene 10 times funnier!  

Gavin was sooooo sassy, i love a sassy Elder Price!

He was just such a pleasure to watch and he was hilarious, I’ve never laughed so much during a performance. (Although that could be due to the woman who was sat next to my mum who’s laugh was just something. Literally she kept laughing soooo loud and when she found something really funny, she would rock back and forth on her seat and practically jump up and down, idk it was crazy. You should’ve seen her when Jared called Nabalungi Nicki Minaj………)

I only pointed out two times when Gavin went out of character. The first time was during Hasa Diga Eebowai when Price and Cunningham fall to the ground with their backs facing the audience. Well basically Gavin lost his balance when he fell and just lay like a starfish on the stage and his face looked petrified cause he didn’t expect it ;D The second time was after Spooky Mormon Hell Dream when Price has said his dialogue and stood up. During the Hell Dream Gavin’s shirt had untucked quite a bit so it was just hanging round his waist, while the Mormon boys were stood there talking to him, Gavin just went “tucking it in, tucking it in” and was just mockingly tucking in his shirt which was hilarious! ;D 

So yeah Gavin was a heart steeler and was utterly fantastic.

It was also my first time seeing my favourite Mormon Ashley Day in his usual track which was exciting!

I’m sure everyone around me pretty much hated me cause i kept getting really giddy every time Ashley came on and i bet they were wondering why, cause nothing special was happening.

For those of you who don’t already know, Ashley plays: Elder Young, Cunningham’s Dad, A Farmer/Cowboy looking thing, 2nd Jesus and Hitler. And my gosh wasn’t he fabulous! I couldn’t stop laughing at his beer belly as Cunningham’s dad (idk why?) and you can tell Ashley’s a dancer cause he feet were perfectly turned out the whole way through All American Profit (gold star). My mum didn’t believe me when i said that Ashley was 2nd Jesus, the whole time he was on she was like “are you sure, how do you know” …she doubts my extensive knowledge on the book of mormon. And oh, my, word Ashley’s Hitler made me cry, actual tears. I was sat there practically peeing myself and my mum went “what are you laughing at” and i was like “just look at Ashley” and obviously it was the part where Mckinley is giving Hitler a blow job and my mum was like “Oh right…i see.” ;D 

That’s all i have to say.

The rest of the cast were OUTSTANDING as usual! Had a full Mormon boys ensemble! (yay) Jared is now officially my favourite Cunningham, i freaking LOVE him! Alexia is forever giving me goosebumps during her reprise of Hasa Diga Eebowai!



Stage door was great as always. It was quite busy though yesterday.

Ashley was one of the first to come out and he saw me as soon as he opened the door and smiled and came straight to me and gave me a hug. He asked how i was and i told him how fab he was in his track and then i asked him if he’d caught up with Dance Moms yet, so we had like a 3 minute conversation about Dance Moms and how amazing it is! ;D I asked him about his next dates as Price but he said he’s had nothing confirmed yet :( But he wished me luck on my exams and took this lovely snap.

(I love this man more than ben and jerry’s ice cream and his smile is bigger and brighter than my future and he makes me very happy)

Oh Gavin Gavin Gavin, a god given gift to this planet.

Basically about 6 of us were left at stage door cause we were waiting to see Gavin. Kevin Harvey (who plays Mafala Hatimbi) came back from his break and was like “Who are you all waiting for” and we were like “Gavin” and he went “Oh right ok” and went inside the theatre. He came back out a couple of minutes later and said “Gavin hurt his knee so he’s got to ice it for like 20 minutes but i told him you guys were down here and he’s going to come out especially” so us at stage door were VERY thankful for Kevin! Gavin came down and was like “Hi! I’m so so sorry i was icing my knee and eating curry, how glamorous of me” He went and talked to this group of girls and one of them wanted a selfie and she stuck her tongue out in the picture so Gavin did the same and then he was like “Oh my god that’s disgusting you can see all the curry on my tongue and it’s all down my shirt!” which made me laugh. Then he came over to me and i vented about how incredible he was and asked him how his gig was last Sunday (cause i really wanted to go) and he was like “Oh it was amazing, we had a turn out of like a couple hundred and it was so fun” and then he spotted my Laduree bag cause i bought some macaroons earlier and he gasped and was like “ohhh mmyyy goodd they are sooo good aren’t they!” and i was like “YES!” and then Gavin took this lovely picture with me and i will treasure it for eternity.

(look at him, look how perfect)

And oh my god afterwards everyone left apart from this group of 3 girls and me and my mum and these girls asked Gavin where he trained and if he could give them any advice. So he was like “The key is just to be yourself, like what’s the point of going into an audition pretending to be someone your not. You have to keep it real cause there is only one you. Like i hate it when people say to me “You’re so not like yourself when you play a character” it’s like the worst compliment you could ever give me cause i am like myself when i play a character, cause there is only one Gavin Creel! Oh and also talk to eachother, like practice infront of and with eachother and just be honest, just be like “Babe, that high soprano was a no no” or “Babe, don’t worry about hitting those high notes, just belt them with confidence” 

That man is an angel, and when you hear Gavin Creel say “Babe”…it changes you. ;D

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So…27 followers would be nice.

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